Darren J. Sylvester



"Darren, thanks for your assistance with my PLR assessment -
your knowledge of the online sources really saved me lots of time".  

(LPC Student)

"Darren, just to let you know the exam went very well.  Our sessions were indeed helpful. 
You came across very professional whilst still allowing for the informality required
so that I never felt intimidated or unable to ask when I got lost, so thanks for that". 
(Final year LL.B. student)

"Your exam technique session was full of good tips. 
I will definitely put into practise what I learnt from you in my summer exams".

(Second year LL.B. student)

"After making the revisions, my tort coursework received a 1st. 
Thanks for the sessions, the proper way to footnote and for proof-reading Darren".  

(Second year LL.B. student)

"Those two sessions cleared up a lot of unanswered questions I had on legal theory for most of the year".
(Final year LL.B. student)

"I really didn't know where to start with the theft problem question -
however, once you explained the legal issues relating to the parties involved, everything became clear".

(First year LL.B. student)

My success could not have been accomplished without your never-ending encouragement,
your insistence for detail, your humour in things that I did not find funny (smile) but I remembered,
and acquired a knowledge about opinion writing that I dare say not even my tutor had.
Thank you.”   

(Student on the BVC who was subsequently Called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn)